Asset 360

Managing Your Assets

asset360™ is an enterprise asset management application that enables a financial, facilities and cost accounting view on enterprise assets. From a financial perspective, asset360™ offers a fixed, rental and loan asset registry. The fixed asset registry is a standard tool used by most corporations. The rental and loan registries, however, are new applications that offer similar controls and governance to non-capital assets. asset360™ also manages variable asset expenses such as consumables, maintenance, warranties, and more.

Our Key Features

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No More Evergreen Contracts

Early notification on expiring contracts.

Cost Accounting

Full profit and loss per device per client.

Continuous Asset Monitoring
Continues Asset Monitoring

Providing clarity over: Interest, monthly payments, cancellation amounts, present values of assets and market related replacement costs.

Asset Utilisation Reports

Highlighting over and underutilised assets, with load balancing suggestions and procedures, including acquisition and disposal recommedations.

Maintenance Cost Reporting

Service level agreements and maintenance monitoring, electronic billing, highlighting fixed and variable costs.

Lease Cintract Management

Ensuring payments match to contract and to assets still in client’s possession.